Parsley Seed Essential Oil

Parsley Seed Essential Oil: A Lot More Than Only Garnishing

What is Parsley? And, what is parsley essential oil and what it does? What are the uses of this oil? At the end of this blog, you will be sure to gain knowledge these questions. Parsley is a very nutritious plant which is known as a high source of vitamins A and C. There are almost more than 37 different varieties of parsley, which are known for their wide use as herbal medicine. It is a popular herb which is used to add mild flavor to many dishes. This oil is also demanded for use in attractive presentation of dishes. It is versatile oil which is not only used for garnishing but also provides you a number of benefits and uses. Known as a magnificent spice, parsley seeds are used to add taste and zest to the food.


Scientifically known as Petroselinum sativum, Parsley seed essential oil is extracted from the dried leaves, seeds and roots of the parsley plant through steam distillation process. Since ancient times, parsley is used for medicinal purposes. It was used by Greek and Roman physicians for relieving kidney and bladder related disorders. This essential oil has a sweet, warm spicy scent which is either colorless or a very slightly pale yellow color. Trusted as a powerful carminative, it is widely used for treating digestive problems such as diarrhea, ulcer, flatulence and colic pain as well as kidney disorders like nephrolithiasis (kidney stones).

Historical Importance of Parsley Seed Essential Oil

Not only today, Parsley seed essential oil was traditionally used for many different purposes. It was ingested by mixing in beverages for treating problems like gallstones and dysentery. Due to its powerful carminative properties, different parts of parsley (seeds, leaves, roots) was used in treating various types of digestive problems and kidney disorders. It was also proven to be very effective for massage in order to normalize menstruation. At present, Parsley seeds and its leaves are an important spice in the Asian countries and its powder is used in routine cooking.

Major health benefits of Parsley seed Essential oil

    • Eliminating toxins and purifying kidneys 

known for wonderful diuretic and detoxifying properties, Parsley seed essential oil helps in eliminating dangerous toxins from the body through urine by purifying the blood.

  • Great for treating menstruation problems

This oil helps in stimulating blocked menstruation and also regularizes the menstrual cycle. It acts a great aid for solving menstruation related problems such as fatigue, abdominal pains, headache, nausea and back pain.


  • Aid for rheumatism and arthritis

Rheumatism and arthritis are the diseases that are caused by the obstruction of blood circulation and then accumulation of uric acid in the muscles and joints. This oil helps in increasing the blood circulation and then wash off the toxins from the body.


  • Treating Infections

Due to its anti- microbial property, parsley seed essential oil is used to kill microbes by inhibiting their growth. It helps in protecting you from various infections and diseases that are caused by the microbes.

Did you find out how important Parsley seed oil is? Apart from using its leaves and seeds in cooking, parsley seed essential oil can be used for treating and curing various ailments and other problems. It not only purifies your body but also acts as a great aid for treating infections and diseases like arthritis and rheumatism which are quite painful. Buy high-quality Parsley oil to enjoy its numerous health benefits and ward off related problems. Don’t wait and get ready for experiencing various benefits of this oil as it has been praised since the ages. Grab your 100% natural Parsley seed oil now and enjoy its benefits!!

Feel the Spicy Scent of Parsley Seed Essential Oil

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